*** 360 Fitness Training ***

by Deborah Prosser, Get In Shape Health and Fitness Editor

How can you get in the best physical shape?

We believe fitness and weight loss (or weight maintenance) depend on a total approach.

Just going to the gym won't necessarily cause you to lose a lot of weight (although it will help tone your muscles!).

Similarly ,regular jogging or walking will help you lose weight, but it does not guarantee you will be healthy and never get sick. Lots of runners have had heart problems and cancer just like everyone else. 

                        So what is the 360 approach to Women's Fitness...?




     ...quite simply it is a balanced approach to getting in shape that includes the following:

  • Proper dieting for weight loss and weight maintenance,

  • Aerobic exercise like fitness walking, jogging or aerobics classes for heart and lung conditioning

  • Anaerobic exercise for muscle toning and overall strength

  • Meditation for the mind!

Of course each of the above has more benefits than we have listed here, and the

 individual web pages on this site will cover these in more detail. If you are thinking of joining a (women's) fitness program, make sure that at least the first three above are included. The mental aspect is important too, and you need to embrace the idea of the all-round approach to keeping fit.


So why is each of these important to your health and fitness?

Because they are all connected. If you exercise, then you will feel hungrier. So eating a lot of food that is not good for your health becomes counter productive to your fitness goals. Likewise, if you focus only on an aerobic sport like running, then you will develop an imbalance in some of your leg muscles, and your upper body will not get much of a work-out at all. Meditation is like an exercise for the mind and will help not only with your fitness goals but with your life in general.

Make the Fitness Commitment and Start To Get In Shape Now!

As a woman, you have a lot of demands on your time and are probably wondering exactly how to get in to shape. Keeping fit, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires time. So... if you are able to do this, joining a club is a great help to getting started, and to keeping going. The local fitness gym is a good place to start, especially if they offer a fitness for women program. A running or walking club is a great help because you can learn first-hand from others. Also if you have paid fees to join, you are more likely to keep up your fitness activities.

Being a regular reader of Get in Shape - Fitness for Women will help too!!








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