How To Lose Weight Fast


Many of us feel we need to lose weight fast in time for our vacation or for the company get together. How often do you hear 'how can I lose weight quickly before...'

There are many ways to lose weight but some of them can be bad for you, and even dangerous if you try to lose weight quickly.


Before we look at some ways to lose weight fast let's look at the key factors for getting rid of that  extra fat:


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  • You must burn more calories than you consume

  • You need to exercise to burn fat

  • You need to change your diet

  • You have to be motivated to take the these steps.

It's quite simple in theory - but how the heck do we do it? Here are some ideas...


Should you use dieting aids like meal replacement drinks and fat burning pills?

- While I'm not a fan of these products you can use them at the beginning of your weight loss program to help you lose weight as you make a lifestyle transition. Nothing is more motivating to stand on the scale and see you are a few pounds lighter than last week...



When we say we want to lose weight fast - what do we mean by fast?

- Let's be realistic here - if you are 40 pounds overweight today you can't expect to be trim and in shape in two weeks time! Set realistic goals! It's generally considered 'safe' to lose up to 3 pounds per week although many diet plans claim they can help you lose up to 6 pounds weekly.


What's the best way to lose weight?

- Proper dieting is not about giving up a lot of food, its more about changing what you eat. There are many alternatives out there - Atkins, South Beach, Zone etc etc. It's not so much which diet you choose - it's about getting enough will-power to follow through.


Do I have to give up a lot of the foods I like?

- Probably, you need give up sugar products, switch to whole grain foods and reduce alcohol consumption. If you want to get the results you're after you'll have to do what's needed. I definitely do not recommend relying solely on pills or meal replacement products, while continuing with your regular diet. This may give you some temporary weight loss, but in the end, most people revert back to their pre-diet weight.


Do I have to eat less?

- Not necessarily, you'll be eating different foods. However reducing your portion sizes can be easier than you think. Once you get used to it, you'll wonder why you ate so much before.


Do you need to exercise?

- What if I told you that your goal is not just to lose weight?! No I'm not crazy - your goal should be to get fitter and healthier. If you can do this, you will not only lose weight - you will keep it off!

So yes, exercise should be part of your weight loss strategy; you'll lose weight faster as well!


Which exercise is best?

- You should consider both aerobic exercise like walking, cycling, aerobics classes etc. as well as weight bearing exercises. A workout at the gym will burn fat as well as strengthen your muscles.


What's the First Steps?

- Convince yourself that you are going to follow through on whatever weight loss program you choose and then pick a diet and exercise program that suits your physical make-up and lifestyle. Always check with your physician before making any drastic changes.




Set Some Goals

- Next give yourself some target weight goals to reach, remembering what we said earlier about having realistic expectations. It's better to achieve a slightly easier goal than fail to meet one that is too ambitious.


So Yes! - you can lose weight faster than normal if you do it right.. There are plenty of good weight loss programs and advice available. One that we like is a new approach by  Dr Suzanne Gudakunst called The Fat Secret. This method has had some good results, Check It Out Here...


































































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