How To Lose Weight Without Extreme Dieting...!

Yes - you can lose weight and get in shape without restricting your calorie intake too much. The secret is just to change what you eat! We have promoted this basic fitness philosophy at Get In Shape for many years.

Here is a new solution to dieting that can really change the way you look and feel:

This is Isabel De Los Rios, an experienced nutrition, health and lifestyle coach who counsels clients on all principles of good health. She has an extensive educational background in nutrition and exercise physiology.

Isabel's personal experience with her own weight struggles and her motherís diabetes led her to accumulate the best nutritional information available. The Diet Solution Program is a result of her 15 year study and research.

What is The Diet Solution Program exactly? Well - it is the most detailed nutrition manual available on the market today. It gives you the meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to reach and maintain your ideal body weight. It does not push some extreme, unreasonable way to lose weight.

Who needs another diet program? - you might be thinking.

Well, strictly speaking this is not another regular low calorie diet - it is a nutrition and lifestyle guide that not only helps you slim down, it guarantees you increased energy, health and vitality.

At Get in Shape we are quite excited about Isabel's program - it's certainly one of the healthiest regimes you will find available today.

Why don't you let Isabel explain it directly in her video.

There is a lot of really good nutrition advice and information in this free video. Now, it's about 20 minutes long and we recommend you listen to the entire presentation to discover all of the secrets to finally losing weight and feeling good about yourself.

Click below to watch the video











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