Your Lifestyle Is The Key To Health And Happiness


Written by Deborah Prosser,

Get In Shape Health and Fitness Editor

Whether a person remains healthy all their lives depends a lot on their lifestyle. What does lifestyle have to do with a healthier you? Here is how it works...

If you sit around all day and you don’t exercise to increase your aerobic capacity you may not be getting enough oxygen in your system. You need to work your muscles to keep from getting fat and lazy. When we carry too much weight on our bodies we tend to slow down even more and workout even less.

So, if your present lifestyle is adding unwanted pounds here are some ideas to put first things first….


Put your mind to work work first!

Many of us start out with good intentions and then as time goes by we often slip back little by little until we end up back where we started. Successful people know that success 'starts in the head'! Watch this short video about the power of the mind.



If you'd like to learn more about how to use this technique to achieve your own goals I recommend you visit the MindMaster page. They have a neat software program that keeps your goals in front of you every time you use your computer...

Stay Active
When we exercise or do the things that add physical effort in our daily routine like walking to the corner store, or going for a workout session at your local fitness centre you keep your heart and lungs pumping and this increases the blood flow through your veins. The more active we are the better our body can function when it is under stress or illness.

Eat a Nutritious Diet
We all have to eat to survive so we may as well eat what is good for us. Healthy nutritious meals and snacks will not only help you to survive longer, but with less risk of disease and discomfort as you age. Our body is made up of zillions of tiny cells that require various nutrients and minerals to do their intricate work at keeping us well. We need to do our part to making sure we are doing what is best for ourselves.
The decision of what we eat is largely up to us.

Whether we eat healthy food or not is a personal decision. We are fortunate in the western world to have plenty of healthy food options to choose from. If you are one of those who are lucky enough to be able to grow your own food then even better for you. Food that is organically grown, and preferably locally available, is the very best for getting the right kind of nutrition in your diet.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Get outside of the wooden and steel structures where we spend so much time inside. Go for a bike ride, or a walk and enjoy the outside environment. If you live in a large city go to a nearby park and enjoy the greenery and the smells of the earth and air around you. You’ll have some peaceful times just being outside and in the natural world.

Calm Yourself
Do things that help you to feel good. When we are enjoying what we do we feel less stressed. Being in a calm state of mind and body is good for your overall health as well. Activities such as yoga, meditations, and creative visualizations can help us to feel more relaxed and calm. When we are less stressed we tend to eat better and live better.

Get Connected
No man (or woman) is an island, but some of us need other people around more. Social and recreational clubs are a great place to meet people of like minds and lifestyles. There are activity clubs in every community around, so it is easy to find people doing what you like to do too. If you’re a serious people person with a high social need then get connected and join a club or group in your area.


By making these few changes to your diet and lifestyle you may not only lose weight but also enjoy the added value and benefits of living an active and healthy life.



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