Best Abdominal Exercise For Women

Studies have shown the three abs exercises described below provide the best abdominal exercise, for women especially.

We've added a video to illustrate each exercise. See the three different routines below...


When doing these abs exercises always remember to breathe out on the lifting and in on the lowering of the upper body.


Best Abdominal Exercise # 1.

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The Bicycle Movement – This abs exercise is a variation on the regular crunch where you lie on your back keeping your lower back flat on the floor. 

This is a fairly straightforward exercise, but it gives your abs a really good workout. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Put your hands behind your head or to the sides of your head.  Contract your abdomen muscles with one leg straight out and heel slightly off the floor.

  • Slowly bring the knee of  the other leg up toward the chest while raising the opposite shoulder off the floor turning your upper body as you crunch so that your elbow touches the knee. 

  • Then return the leg to the starting position while bringing the other knee up toward the chest and lifting and turning the other shoulder and touching the elbow to the knee. 

  • Do as many repetitions as you can comfortably do without straining yourself





Best Abdominal Exercise # 2.  

Hanging Knee Raises – This is the only abs workout of the top three that you will have to do at the gym.

 The Captain’s Chair is a popular name for the gym equipment used for this exercise. 

You can start out doing  two sets of 10 repetitions each. (But you should cut this back to 6 reps if you find it too strenuous at the beginning. You can slowly increase the reps as you build strength )

  • Place your lower arm on the supports so that your body is hanging off the floor and your back is resting on the back support. 

  • Contract your stomach and abdominal muscles and slowly lift your knees toward the chest breathing out as you lift and pause then slowly lower your knees to the hanging position breathing out. 

  • Repeat the knee lifts for as long as you can without straining.



Best Abdominal Exercise # 3.  

Exercise Ball Crunches – This is a very popular abs workout for women.  It is very effective and can be done with your kids so it can be fun for the whole family. 

Start by sitting on the ball and walk your feet out so that your thighs and buttocks are parallel to the floor and your upper back and shoulders are all that is resting on the ball. 

As always, try to breathe out as you lift your upper body and breathe in as you lower it.

  • Clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows out to the side.

  • Contract your buttocks and abdomen muscles then lift your shoulders up being careful not to pull the neck.  Breathe out as you lift your shoulders up. All that is touching the ball is your back. 

  • Slowly exhale as you lower your shoulders back down. 

  • Repeat the crunch 12 to 15 times or as long as you can without straining.  Keep your back straight with your pelvic slightly tucked up. Do not arch your lower back when doing the crunches. 

  • Rest for no more than 30 seconds between sets of 12 to 15 or more if you are comfortable doing them.




See more top abdominal exercise videos here

Strong abdominal muscles not only look great but they will help support your back and will give you better core muscle strength, body posture and balance. Along with eating a healthy diet, doing regular cardio and strength training exercises, taking appropriate rest breaks you can get the ideal body weight and image you desire.


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