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Fitness for Women - Best Diet Reviews


What is the best diet for life?

If there was an easy answer to this question we'd all be lean, healthy and full of energy! The general answer to this frequently asked question is:

  • a diet that is right for your physical make up

  • a diet that suits your lifestyle

  • a diet that meets your immediate weight requirement

  • a diet you can live with...

...And the list could go on! The real answer to the question 'What's the best diet for life"? is that there probably is not a single diet that suits everyone all of the time. Why should an overweight 50 year old man be following the same diet as a 30 year old obese woman?

So when people claim that their diet as the best or the only one you need, then you should look carefully at yourself and your own needs today. As we go through life and our health changes it's normal that our diet should change also.



The best diet is the one that you need now. For example if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, then the Atkins diet can work very well for a lot of people. I would not recommend this as a lifelong diet however, as it is way too high in fat and protein. There are lots of diets to chose from - Atkins, Sonoma, Zone, South Beach and so on. I am not counting the weight loss pills because there are no studies to show whether they are harmful in the long run.


Each of these diets has some advantages and disadvantages:





How to chose the best diet for life for you

The diets we mentioned above are the most popular today although there are others. You need to review them yourself so you are familiar with their good and bad points. Then ask yourself "can I follow this diet program on a regular basis?"


Is exercise part of your diet program?

Get In Shape feels that no diet is going to work forever unless you exercise regularly to burn calories.

The fat formula:

Calories Consumed = Calories Burnt + Fat

What you don't use will turn to fat and cause weight gain. So whatever diet you select, you will also need to plan an exercise program to go with it.




The ideal diet is probably a combination of say the Sonoma diet and the Zone diet. Either way your diet should include the following:

  • good portions of fresh fruits and vegetables,

  • healthy snacks like nuts and seeds

  • correct portions of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

  • avoid or minimize your intake of  'junk' foods

Your body needs of all of these to function properly and keep you healthy.


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